Friday, April 24, 2015

Measuring task

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This week Miss Hill was way so we got given a task to do with a buddy. I did it with Georgia. We had to find out lengths of animals, estimate and there was a lot of thinking involved. Our animals were a whale, panda and parrot. It took us a long time but we finished!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Term 1 reflection

End of Term Reflection Learning

Must Do: Task 1, 2, 3
Must Do: 3 out of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Can Do: Any others

Task 1
Describe your proudest moment from this term. Think deeply about all of the things we have done and achieved. Tell the reader about the moment, and explain why you have chosen this, and why you were proudest of this moment.

My proudest moment was when I got my Young leaders badge and my sports pal badge. I was really nervous because I didn't know if I was even going to get a badge. They started to call out the badges and my name was the first to be said. I went up and collected my badge. I was proud of this moment because it was a happy moment. I was really happy. My mum and dad were really proud too.

Task 2
Set yourself a reading, writing and maths goal for next term. Think about things you need to learn, or things you know you aren’t quite achieving yet. Be specific.
Write down three things YOU can do to achieve this.
Add a sentence about why this goal is important to you.

Set it up like this

Goal: To learn all of my multiplication facts off by heart
How to: 1. Play multiplication games on the Symbaloo
            2. Practice with mum at home
            3. Use my times tables chart and get my brother to test me every morning after                                                                                 breakfast.

This goal is really important to me because I know I will find maths a lot easier if I can remember these facts quickly.

Goal: To learn my times tables and be able to say them quicker.
How to: 1. Practise with my dad.
            2. Play symbaloo games that will help.
            3. Use a times table chart and get my dad to help me practise after school.
If I can learn my times tables and be able to say them quicker than it will really help me and maths won't be as hard.

Goal: To be able to read big words, under stand them and pronounce them properly.
How to: 1. Play some reading games on the symbaloo.
            2. Read some more chapter books.
            3. Get my dad to give me some hard to pronounce.

If i can read bigger words than it will be easier to read most books and it will really help.

Goal: To make sure that I don't make every sentence start with same word.
How to: 1. Think of words that mean the same but are different.
            2. Try not to make sentences that have to start with I or then.
            3. Get my dad to help me think of sentence starters that are different to the ones I use already.

If I can use different sentence starters then my writing won't be so boring to read with one word at the start of every sentence.

Task 3  
Rate your own level of focus (out of 5) overall for this term, and write yourself 3 steps to improving your number. This should be written in full sentences, like a paragraph.

My level of focus number would be 3.5 because I am quite focused but most things can put me of. When we turn the music on sometimes that distracts me. To help this I could probably move away from noisy people, stay away from things that can distract me and make sure I am always on the right thing.

Task 4
Write a list of term 1 highlights. You should have between 5 and 10 items.

Getting 2 badges.
The wheel relay.
Camp Omatua.
Sports pal training.
Funday Friday.
Netball Trials.

Task 5
Ask a class member to take a picture of your Term 1 highlight. You may need to reenact this. Insert the picture here, and then write a short paragraph describing what happened. You could create an animation instead.

Parkvale badges.jpg
These are my Young Leader badges that I got. My job for the year is being a sports pal. It is a big responsibility. Miss Hill was calling out the names for badges and I heard my name. I went up to her with a big smile on my face. I was one out of 8 sports pals. I was really excited for the year. I was really happy when I got given these badges. I never knew if I was even going to get a badge.  

Task 6
Think forward to next term. How are you going to show leadership as a Nga Rakau Nui student? What are you hoping to achieve? What are your goals at school and out of school? You should write a paragraph explaining what you would like to aim for next term.

Next term I am hoping that when I play netball for the school next term we win some games and that if we lose I show respect for the other team and don't get to upset. Next term I also want to make sure I run a fun game for the sports pal games. I want to make sure I do a great job and let my loud voice come out because I am normally quite quiet. To be a leader I am going to make sure I am a great role model for the younger students and that I make sure they have a fun time.