Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Production diary part 10

Wednesday 27

Dear diary. Today I felt like a car crash had happened inside of me. We were performing to the school. There is nothing scarier than that. I was picturing all of the kids sitting on the ground watching me. There was no way I was going to disappoint them. When it started, the first people on didn't seem so nervous. It was probably because the bright lighting was in their faces and they couldn't see a thing. When it was my turn to go on and I was really nervous. I remembered the lines and the dance in my head. I didn't seem that scary. I said my first line and then walked off the stage. I was happy to get off but I still wanted to be on the stage. I did the dance and the rest of my lines. I was really proud of myself. I can't wait to get on tonight. It will be cool to perform to a paying audience.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Production Diary, part 2

Thursday 14 August

I am Back! Missed me didn’t you.  I think I may have broken my neck because of yesterday. When me and Maia bob our heads to thunderstruck and it gets annoying sometimes. People keep saying our faces keep getting red. I had so  much fun yesterday apart from thunderstruck. I said my lines and it definitely felt like a shining moment. Except everyone only clapped when we did the dance and not for our lines. But at least I didn't muck up the dance. Well, I nearly mucked up the dance. All I had to do was watch Maia. She didn't muck it up.

Because I stand up all the time I get a little tired. Just like my dad when he comes home from work. He flops down. I wish I could do that. At Least we only had to start again a few times. Oh, we really stopped like every 2 minutes. The thing I really liked about it was how me and Maia are always on stage so we dance to all the songs. Not on the stage, but to the side. Thats really AWESOME! Everyone would agree. I cant wait for the next production practice.  Its just like having a bunch of cats who cant wait to go outside. Its not like that really happens though.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Production Diary, part 1

Thursday 13 August

Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyra and my role in the production is one of the narrators.  I normally get annoyed when someone does something wrong and then we have to start again. It has also been really hard to  remember all of my lines, and the dance I have to do.  Our production is a journey through 4 legends. The legend we are doing is called the Seven Whales. It had been really stressful having to do the production most days. The best part is how we get to have the afternoon off from school work. Everyone has to like that! The dance I have to do is really cool. Its just that sometimes I forget to count the steps. Plus, it is hard to count and try to remember the moves. But I'm getting there. I just can not wait to get this over with and perform to an audience. I can just picture, everyone clapping and cheering at me! It would definitely be a spotlight moment.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Can't get to sleep

I couldn't wait to have a nice sleep in my warm cozy bed. I was snuggled up under the blankets when I heard a scratching sound. When I looked up I saw my kitten Molly trying to climb the ladder up to the top bunk. There was no knowing how long this would go on for. I kept trying to fall asleep but the sound of Molly falling of the ladder was stuck in my head. While I was staring up at the ceiling, I could see a light flash in the corner of my eye. My brother Liam had got up and was walking into the kitchen. Who would get up at that time of night? He had left the light on in his room. Quietly I whispered to myself “Thank you very much Liam.” Finally, he turned it off and went back to sleep. I was starting to think to myself when would this torturous night end?.

Then it happened, everything was quiet and peaceful. It was the perfect chance to have a good sleep. I finally got to sleep and had a nice rest ready to wake up bright and early in the morning. But I wasn't  hoping I would wake this early. I just keep wondering, can dad get a new job, that doesn't include waking up at 6 in the morning. He always wakes me up. The worst part is that he also wakes liam up so he can play on his Xbox. The light from the kitchen shines through the little gap underneath the door we he cooks his breakfast. All you can hear are the pots and pans banging.

When dad is in the kitchen and Liam is on the Xbox, the best thing to do is to watch t.v. I walked into the lounge and turned on the t.v. My dad asked me what I was doing and I just said there was too much noise to sleep. And between dad in the kitchen, Liam on the Xbox and Molly on that ladder, there was too much noise to sleep. I sat there thinking to myself. That was definitely one of the worst nights of my life. When I was watching t.v I saw my other kitten Bruno. He meowed so loud that my ears nearly blew up. Not again!!!