Thursday, July 03, 2014

My imaginary trip to Mars

Write an imaginary story about your trip to Mars
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria
  • Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
  • Paragraph groups of ideas
  • Some complex sentences
  • Use of topic words from space
  • Imagination and excitement!

Just think, this is my last night until I will be launched into Mars. That is something to look forward to. It is starting to make my nerves bigger. I am so excited, I can hardly sleep. I woke up in the morning ready to go. I got changed and had breakfast for the last time on earth. At the space station, all the other people that were coming with me were there. We got told a lot about space and the dangers there could be. I was getting a little bit scared at that moment. Finally, we all got onto the rocket and sat in our seats. 

There was a loud noise that sounded like thunder, and then we were off. It felt weird at first facing the sky. It definitely didn't feel like I was in a car. We got to space and then we were just gliding. We all got out of our seats. I went into the bedroom to look at where we would be sleeping. I didn't want to be sleeping in a bunk bed because every time we moved you would bump your head. All the other people that came with me, came to have a look. We all chose our beds. I got to be strapped to the wall, Maia was also on the wall, Matilda ended up on the bottom bunk and Liam was on the top bunk. I was going to have a good sleep, but not as good as sleeping in my own bed back on Earth.

Because there was no gravity, you do things different in space compared to Earth. When we had morning tea, the food flew everywhere so you can just eat your food without using your hands. When you walk, you don’t walk, you kind of float. It was really cool. Exercise was really easy. You can do push ups only using your feet. Finally, it was time to have a good night sleep. I strapped myself to the wall and closed my eyes. I had to be strapped so I wouldn't float around. During the night the spaceship moved a bit and woke me up. Then I saw Matilda and Liam banging into the wall by their heads. It looked painful. In the end I ended up falling to sleep and I didn't even notice.

In the morning I was ready to do my exercise. Matilda, Maia, Liam and I, all stood in a line. We had brought some really heavy things to use even though they can just float. In space you need to do exercise, because when you get back down to Earth your body will be use to zero gravity. It is a really important thing to do. We put one finger under the very heavy thing and tried to make sure it wouldn't touch the ground. Then, We went back to bed because we noticed that it was actually bedtime.

During the night I had a dream. It was a dream of when I left to go to space. OOPS! I just remembered that I was meant to say goodbye to my mum, dad and my brother! I wonder what they are thinking.  They might think that I haven't gone yet. Any way, I might just to back to sleep because I won't see them again. I never really thought how hard it could he to never see our parents and siblings again. I had another dream too. It's was about a bunch of meteors heading straight for us and we had to dodge them all. It's was crazy dream but in the end we dodged them all.

I woke up in the morning thinking that it's doesn't feel like we have been on the spaceship for 6 months already. Looking out the window I could see it, Mars. It's looked exactly like earth but different colour. I yelled at Matilda to come and look. She asked me what it's was but then she saw it. She was speechless. The spaceship landed with a loud thump. It felt like I had just fallen off my bed. All of us went and put our suits on so we could to and see Mars. On Mars there were only a few craters and it felt cold for some reason. It's was really cool to be on Mars. I felt like the luckiest person  in space right then. I also knew that that was the best day in my life. I had forgotten about not seeing my family again and I was thinking of my new life in space.

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