Friday, June 27, 2014

Student Reflection

At the start of the year we got ready to use our devices. That first day, I learnt a lot about laptops. We got our own Google accounts and set up Gmail. On my blog there are a lot of posts. Having blogger is really fun because we can share what we have done in class in our own way. In reading we have groups. I am in the top group called jedi knights. For reading, my group read a book about the moon. It was really cool because it had a lot of facts that I didn't know. For maths I have been in extension maths. We have been doing a lot on measurement and distance. I have had a lot of fun doing maths and I have learnt more. In writing we have been learning to paragraph. I have learnt way more words and what they mean.We have been on a lot of trips lately. We have been to Flax Rock, the waka in Clive and the Planetarium in Napier. We were meant to go to camp but it was raining so we didn't sleep but just did day trips. Master chef was fun because we had to cook something with the ingredients we had. Netball is one of my favourite sports. That is why I play netball for the school. I have had a lot of fun playing netball and I will definitely do it next year. I played a ripper rugby this term for the school. I got 3 tries and a lot of rips. My favourite game was playing Parkvale D in the final. For our inquiry we have been learning about stars. I now know a lot of things about the stars. For homework, we have a thing called Genius hour. We get to make some questions on a topic of our choice and the answer them. I have been doing swimming and I have a lot of questions. In class we have been reading a class book called Wonder. Reading it has made me learn a lot more words and the meanings. It really made laugh.It is the season of Matariki, so we had a day of doing things on Matariki. There were 6 workshops and you could only be in 3. In the morning I was in guitar, during the middle of the day I was in rakau and then I was string games. My favourite workshop would have been string games. The first 2 terms of this year have been awesome.

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kyras student reflection by Kyrah Byers on GoAnimate

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  1. Well done, Kyra. The first two terms have been awesome and the next two will be even better!