Friday, May 09, 2014

ET search vocabulary

WALT build our vocabulary

Text: Extraterrestria  (ET) search                                                   Author: Sharon parsons

Word (and page number)
Sentence in the text
Meaning in my own words
1 Extraterrestrial  p.4
2 Potentially p.4
3 Cosmonaut  p.7
4 Metabolism p.14
5 Protoplanetary p.22
6 civilisation p.26
7 cylindrical p.29
8 terrestrials p.29
9 metallic p.31
10 velocity p.9

1. We earthlings are fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life inhabiting neighbouring planets, solar systems or galaxies.

2. Hundreds of planets that could potentially support life have been discovered in our own galaxy.

3. She was a parachutist before she trained as a cosmonaut.

 4.  Most life on earth also needs water, a range of temperatures in which it can survive, a mixture of gases it uses for its metabolism.

5. The scientific team there uses two powerful infrared optical telescopes to study fast-swirling dust and gas clouds called protoplanetary disks.

6. one way to do this is to search for signals from other planetary civilisations.

7. But he was unable to make out what, exactly, the cylindrical object was.

8. Welcome to another episode of ets, the online program. that invites earths expert-terrestrials to convince us that extraterrestrial life does exist in our solar system.

9. He described these UFO’s as metallic, saucer-shaped craft that could do manoeuvres he had never seen before.

10. Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land on the Moon and its maximum velocity was almost 40 000 kilometres an hour.

1. Something from the outside of earths atmosphere.

2. A thing that can support life.

3. Someone trained to travel into space.

4. The chemical processes with orangainism.

5. Protoplanetary is a disk that rotates around a newly formed star.

A gathering place for cultural activities.

7. something that is in the shape of a 3d circle.

8. Happens around the world.

9. A kind of colour.

10. The speed of something.


  1. Fantastic reading and vocabulary building, Kyra. Love how the meanings are in your own words.

    What did you like about this text?

    1. It is a book that I have never read before and it had some interesting words.

  2. Wow. Love the words. It really makes me want to read the text. Well done!

  3. Awesome words Kyra!!
    They are really descriptive too.