Friday, May 30, 2014

My Learning

This is my presentation about all of the subjects at school and how we feel about them.
We also had to share these at parent interviews.

Something I enjoyed was how I got to share this presentation with my parents.
Something I want to get better at is my writing.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My tooth getting pulled out.

Fortune favours the bold
The December precept from wonder.

Mum came into class and told me that she was taking me somewhere. I didn't know where, but I was excited to find out. In the car, mum was telling me where we were going and that I had to get one of my teeth pulled out. My brother had told me that it stings so much when your tooth gets pulled out, so I wasn't excited about it any more. At the dentist clinic, a lady came up to us and said “ You go into the first room on the right,” Walking in, I felt very worried.
We walked into the room and another lady came in and had a look at my tooth. I had to get it pulled out because another one was growing behind it and it really hurt. She told me to lie down and look up at the ceiling. I had to put sunglasses on because the light was beaming down on my eyes. It turned out that I had another tooth that needed to be pulled out, but I could get that pulled out another time. I held on to mums hand so hard her face scrunched up. She pulled the tooth and twisted it until it came out. OUCH! It was so sore when it came out. I was happy it was over.

My mum and I walked down the hall into the waiting room again. Mum said that I was really brave, and she would buy me something. The good that came out of it was how it came out so now I can have perfect teeth and they aren't crooked. I had to bite on a piece of cotton so it wouldn't bleed. I ended up going back to school for the rest of the day. My gum was really sore for the whole day and especially when I had something to eat                                                

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cool beans poem

Cool beans
Sitting in the sun, I am baked beans.
Teasing my brother, I am annoying beans.
Cold and dripping, I am swimming beans.
Playing with my friends, I am happy beans.
Bouncing on the tramp, I am bouncing beans.
My brother is tickling me, I am giggling beans.
Going to scare my dad, I am cheeky beans.
Jumping around being silly, I am crazy beans.
Netball on a Saturday, I am sporty beans.
Strumming the guitar, I am musical beans.
Yelling to my mum, I am noisy beans.
Fog and snow, I am cold beans.
The first colour in the rainbow, I am red beans.
My favourite colour, I am blue beans.
It will soon be night, I am sleepy beans.
Drawing something colourful, I am colourful beans.

Based on the phrase from Wonder

Star facts

I made this on padlet for homework. It has some amazing facts on stars.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend sports

I was in my bed wondering why netball had to be on today, I was going to sleep in!
“ Mum! where are my netball clothes?” I said.
“ They should be in your room” replied Mum
Oh, there they are. My room needs a really good tidy up. The morning routine happened. Get up, get changed, have breakfast and then head out the door. No time for t.v. Liam my brother had soccer in Taradale so Dad took him and mum took me.

Netball was at the sports park but when we got there, every single park was taken! Luckily, one person was just coming out so we stole their park. We walked to the netball courts and found court 3. All of my teammates were jogging up and down the court. “ Come on Kyra, jog to the end and back” It was a long jog and by the end I was exhausted. “ Ding, ding” Finally, it was time to start the game.

My team were versing Raureka Swifts. Everyone got there bib and then ran out to the position. G.B was on the front of my bib, it stands for goal shoot. The first half was the best thing for my team the Magic because we got all the goals! I was really happy, because this was only the first game we have played together. In the next half we all changed bibs and I became goal attack. During the second half we only got 2 goals and Raureka got them all. After the game, we lost by 10 points. I think we did well for our first game and we all worked together as a team.

Friday, May 09, 2014

ET search vocabulary

WALT build our vocabulary

Text: Extraterrestria  (ET) search                                                   Author: Sharon parsons

Word (and page number)
Sentence in the text
Meaning in my own words
1 Extraterrestrial  p.4
2 Potentially p.4
3 Cosmonaut  p.7
4 Metabolism p.14
5 Protoplanetary p.22
6 civilisation p.26
7 cylindrical p.29
8 terrestrials p.29
9 metallic p.31
10 velocity p.9

1. We earthlings are fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life inhabiting neighbouring planets, solar systems or galaxies.

2. Hundreds of planets that could potentially support life have been discovered in our own galaxy.

3. She was a parachutist before she trained as a cosmonaut.

 4.  Most life on earth also needs water, a range of temperatures in which it can survive, a mixture of gases it uses for its metabolism.

5. The scientific team there uses two powerful infrared optical telescopes to study fast-swirling dust and gas clouds called protoplanetary disks.

6. one way to do this is to search for signals from other planetary civilisations.

7. But he was unable to make out what, exactly, the cylindrical object was.

8. Welcome to another episode of ets, the online program. that invites earths expert-terrestrials to convince us that extraterrestrial life does exist in our solar system.

9. He described these UFO’s as metallic, saucer-shaped craft that could do manoeuvres he had never seen before.

10. Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land on the Moon and its maximum velocity was almost 40 000 kilometres an hour.

1. Something from the outside of earths atmosphere.

2. A thing that can support life.

3. Someone trained to travel into space.

4. The chemical processes with orangainism.

5. Protoplanetary is a disk that rotates around a newly formed star.

A gathering place for cultural activities.

7. something that is in the shape of a 3d circle.

8. Happens around the world.

9. A kind of colour.

10. The speed of something.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

My walk on the beach

Get changed guys, we are going for a walk,” said Dad.
“Where are we going dad?” Liam said.
It’s a suprise ” Mum replied.
My brother and I both got changed and headed out to the car. I took my book because dad said that it was a 15 minute drive. Mum and dad packed the car, slammed the boot shut, turned on the car and off we went. Taking my book was a great idea, because I was reading Famous Five and there were a lot of chapters.Finally, I felt the car jiggle and I knew we were somewhere. “ look up from that book of yours and see where we are” There were cars parked at the bottom of a hill and we were on the hill. “ Are we at Ocean beach?” I said
Aha, We are going to walk all the way to the end and back” Replied dad.

My brother liam had taken his ball to kick so all the way to the end and back we kicked it. Yes! Liam had finally said can we go home now and dad would have to say yes. Unfortunatly, he didn’t so we kept on walking. During the walk back my mum and I collected weird looking sea shells. Sand was all over the sea shells so my dad washed them but when he washed one, a tiny little crab came out of it. Dad picked it up and handed it to my brother who smashed it with his stick. Not many people were at the beach, and I guess it was because it was quite windy and cold. Up by the car we washed and dried our feet and then hopped in the car for the long trip back home.At least I had my book.