Friday, October 17, 2014

The best part of me

My eyes are the best part of me. If you look at them they are brown in colour. They are not the best colour but I don't care, because they are the only eyes I have. Whenever I  open my eyes you can see them sparkling in the sun. But at night when I close them you can't see them at all.

My eyes help me see the beautiful world. When I wake up in the morning I can see all of my surroundings. When I go to school they help me see all of my friends. Coming home I see my parents and my brother and I  love that. Eyes have to be everyones favourite thing.

I dont know what I would do without my eyes because they help me see everything. Everyone needs eyes. I couldn't live without mine.  My eyes are my most beautiful thing. I only have one pair of eyes so I have to take care of them. No one has eyes exactly like mine.

Friday, September 19, 2014

production interview

Production Interview from Maia on Vimeo.

This is an I movie that Maia, Tracey, Matilda and I made. It is quite funny so I hope you like it. There is also a bit of music for you. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Calendar art

Come and get the best calendar artwork in the world. On the calendar artwork you will see bushes, a river and hills from the legend of the seven whales. Its a low price for a good quality artwork, and if you are a Kea fan then you will definitely want this. You can get a stack of cards, a notebook and best of all, a calendar. So come and get this beautiful piece of art.

Now here is my new and improved calendar art. Only 2 things have changed. I have a bigger bird, and a little bird flying in the sky. Come and buy one now because time is running out. I know you want one so you go and fill out the sheet in the office. This is a fantastic opportunity to put some colour in your house.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014

Journey through the legends reflection

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was how I was talking because I was speaking loud and clear.
I really enjoyed learning about all of the different legends because some of them I didn’t know and I now know more about Aotearoa

Something I found hard was learning all of my lines because I had six of them and most of them were very long lines.
Something that made me think was how could year 4, 5 and 6’s remember all of their lines and their dances. They were really good at saying their lines loud and clear.
Something I want to get better at is talking slower

My favourite part of the production was the Te Mata Peak legend.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from Mrs Miller . She said to me “ Well done for saying tohunga properly and remember to smile."         


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Production diary part 10

Wednesday 27

Dear diary. Today I felt like a car crash had happened inside of me. We were performing to the school. There is nothing scarier than that. I was picturing all of the kids sitting on the ground watching me. There was no way I was going to disappoint them. When it started, the first people on didn't seem so nervous. It was probably because the bright lighting was in their faces and they couldn't see a thing. When it was my turn to go on and I was really nervous. I remembered the lines and the dance in my head. I didn't seem that scary. I said my first line and then walked off the stage. I was happy to get off but I still wanted to be on the stage. I did the dance and the rest of my lines. I was really proud of myself. I can't wait to get on tonight. It will be cool to perform to a paying audience.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Production Diary, part 2

Thursday 14 August

I am Back! Missed me didn’t you.  I think I may have broken my neck because of yesterday. When me and Maia bob our heads to thunderstruck and it gets annoying sometimes. People keep saying our faces keep getting red. I had so  much fun yesterday apart from thunderstruck. I said my lines and it definitely felt like a shining moment. Except everyone only clapped when we did the dance and not for our lines. But at least I didn't muck up the dance. Well, I nearly mucked up the dance. All I had to do was watch Maia. She didn't muck it up.

Because I stand up all the time I get a little tired. Just like my dad when he comes home from work. He flops down. I wish I could do that. At Least we only had to start again a few times. Oh, we really stopped like every 2 minutes. The thing I really liked about it was how me and Maia are always on stage so we dance to all the songs. Not on the stage, but to the side. Thats really AWESOME! Everyone would agree. I cant wait for the next production practice.  Its just like having a bunch of cats who cant wait to go outside. Its not like that really happens though.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Production Diary, part 1

Thursday 13 August

Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyra and my role in the production is one of the narrators.  I normally get annoyed when someone does something wrong and then we have to start again. It has also been really hard to  remember all of my lines, and the dance I have to do.  Our production is a journey through 4 legends. The legend we are doing is called the Seven Whales. It had been really stressful having to do the production most days. The best part is how we get to have the afternoon off from school work. Everyone has to like that! The dance I have to do is really cool. Its just that sometimes I forget to count the steps. Plus, it is hard to count and try to remember the moves. But I'm getting there. I just can not wait to get this over with and perform to an audience. I can just picture, everyone clapping and cheering at me! It would definitely be a spotlight moment.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Can't get to sleep

I couldn't wait to have a nice sleep in my warm cozy bed. I was snuggled up under the blankets when I heard a scratching sound. When I looked up I saw my kitten Molly trying to climb the ladder up to the top bunk. There was no knowing how long this would go on for. I kept trying to fall asleep but the sound of Molly falling of the ladder was stuck in my head. While I was staring up at the ceiling, I could see a light flash in the corner of my eye. My brother Liam had got up and was walking into the kitchen. Who would get up at that time of night? He had left the light on in his room. Quietly I whispered to myself “Thank you very much Liam.” Finally, he turned it off and went back to sleep. I was starting to think to myself when would this torturous night end?.

Then it happened, everything was quiet and peaceful. It was the perfect chance to have a good sleep. I finally got to sleep and had a nice rest ready to wake up bright and early in the morning. But I wasn't  hoping I would wake this early. I just keep wondering, can dad get a new job, that doesn't include waking up at 6 in the morning. He always wakes me up. The worst part is that he also wakes liam up so he can play on his Xbox. The light from the kitchen shines through the little gap underneath the door we he cooks his breakfast. All you can hear are the pots and pans banging.

When dad is in the kitchen and Liam is on the Xbox, the best thing to do is to watch t.v. I walked into the lounge and turned on the t.v. My dad asked me what I was doing and I just said there was too much noise to sleep. And between dad in the kitchen, Liam on the Xbox and Molly on that ladder, there was too much noise to sleep. I sat there thinking to myself. That was definitely one of the worst nights of my life. When I was watching t.v I saw my other kitten Bruno. He meowed so loud that my ears nearly blew up. Not again!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rich task

We had a rich task to do. I found it hard but I got there in the end. This is only the first part. It is 80km per hour and now I have to do 90km per hour. We had to find out how far we went and how long it took.

Friday, July 04, 2014

My beautiful art

This is my painting I did on the last day of term 2. It is a painting of me and a rainbow. All rainbows need a pot of gold so I have one in the corner. I had a lot of fun painting this and it didn't take long. I could definitely have a whole day just painting. It was a good way to spend the end of the term.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

My Matariki art

In class we have been learning about Matariki. Matariki means Maori new year. We did art about Matariki and this is mine. There are seven stars on it representing Matariki.

My imaginary trip to Mars

Write an imaginary story about your trip to Mars
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria
  • Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
  • Paragraph groups of ideas
  • Some complex sentences
  • Use of topic words from space
  • Imagination and excitement!

Just think, this is my last night until I will be launched into Mars. That is something to look forward to. It is starting to make my nerves bigger. I am so excited, I can hardly sleep. I woke up in the morning ready to go. I got changed and had breakfast for the last time on earth. At the space station, all the other people that were coming with me were there. We got told a lot about space and the dangers there could be. I was getting a little bit scared at that moment. Finally, we all got onto the rocket and sat in our seats. 

There was a loud noise that sounded like thunder, and then we were off. It felt weird at first facing the sky. It definitely didn't feel like I was in a car. We got to space and then we were just gliding. We all got out of our seats. I went into the bedroom to look at where we would be sleeping. I didn't want to be sleeping in a bunk bed because every time we moved you would bump your head. All the other people that came with me, came to have a look. We all chose our beds. I got to be strapped to the wall, Maia was also on the wall, Matilda ended up on the bottom bunk and Liam was on the top bunk. I was going to have a good sleep, but not as good as sleeping in my own bed back on Earth.

Because there was no gravity, you do things different in space compared to Earth. When we had morning tea, the food flew everywhere so you can just eat your food without using your hands. When you walk, you don’t walk, you kind of float. It was really cool. Exercise was really easy. You can do push ups only using your feet. Finally, it was time to have a good night sleep. I strapped myself to the wall and closed my eyes. I had to be strapped so I wouldn't float around. During the night the spaceship moved a bit and woke me up. Then I saw Matilda and Liam banging into the wall by their heads. It looked painful. In the end I ended up falling to sleep and I didn't even notice.

In the morning I was ready to do my exercise. Matilda, Maia, Liam and I, all stood in a line. We had brought some really heavy things to use even though they can just float. In space you need to do exercise, because when you get back down to Earth your body will be use to zero gravity. It is a really important thing to do. We put one finger under the very heavy thing and tried to make sure it wouldn't touch the ground. Then, We went back to bed because we noticed that it was actually bedtime.

During the night I had a dream. It was a dream of when I left to go to space. OOPS! I just remembered that I was meant to say goodbye to my mum, dad and my brother! I wonder what they are thinking.  They might think that I haven't gone yet. Any way, I might just to back to sleep because I won't see them again. I never really thought how hard it could he to never see our parents and siblings again. I had another dream too. It's was about a bunch of meteors heading straight for us and we had to dodge them all. It's was crazy dream but in the end we dodged them all.

I woke up in the morning thinking that it's doesn't feel like we have been on the spaceship for 6 months already. Looking out the window I could see it, Mars. It's looked exactly like earth but different colour. I yelled at Matilda to come and look. She asked me what it's was but then she saw it. She was speechless. The spaceship landed with a loud thump. It felt like I had just fallen off my bed. All of us went and put our suits on so we could to and see Mars. On Mars there were only a few craters and it felt cold for some reason. It's was really cool to be on Mars. I felt like the luckiest person  in space right then. I also knew that that was the best day in my life. I had forgotten about not seeing my family again and I was thinking of my new life in space.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Student Reflection

At the start of the year we got ready to use our devices. That first day, I learnt a lot about laptops. We got our own Google accounts and set up Gmail. On my blog there are a lot of posts. Having blogger is really fun because we can share what we have done in class in our own way. In reading we have groups. I am in the top group called jedi knights. For reading, my group read a book about the moon. It was really cool because it had a lot of facts that I didn't know. For maths I have been in extension maths. We have been doing a lot on measurement and distance. I have had a lot of fun doing maths and I have learnt more. In writing we have been learning to paragraph. I have learnt way more words and what they mean.We have been on a lot of trips lately. We have been to Flax Rock, the waka in Clive and the Planetarium in Napier. We were meant to go to camp but it was raining so we didn't sleep but just did day trips. Master chef was fun because we had to cook something with the ingredients we had. Netball is one of my favourite sports. That is why I play netball for the school. I have had a lot of fun playing netball and I will definitely do it next year. I played a ripper rugby this term for the school. I got 3 tries and a lot of rips. My favourite game was playing Parkvale D in the final. For our inquiry we have been learning about stars. I now know a lot of things about the stars. For homework, we have a thing called Genius hour. We get to make some questions on a topic of our choice and the answer them. I have been doing swimming and I have a lot of questions. In class we have been reading a class book called Wonder. Reading it has made me learn a lot more words and the meanings. It really made laugh.It is the season of Matariki, so we had a day of doing things on Matariki. There were 6 workshops and you could only be in 3. In the morning I was in guitar, during the middle of the day I was in rakau and then I was string games. My favourite workshop would have been string games. The first 2 terms of this year have been awesome.

waka2 (95) (1).JPG
kyras student reflection by Kyrah Byers on GoAnimate

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Holt Planetarium Reflection

Room 5 and 6 went to the Holt planetarium in Napier. We got to watch a video and go into a room were you see what the stars will look like on that night. We all had a lot of fun and I would love to do it again. Here is my reflection on the Holt planetarium visit. Something I enjoyed, something I found interesting and the most exciting thing.

Monday 16 June 2014

Something I enjoyed was looking up at the stars. Because it's was fun to see what the star would look like at night and to see some constellations. And we got to see the Southern Cross.

Something I found interesting was how in space there is no gravity. Because you can just float around and the things you can sometimes do in space you can not do on earth.

The most exciting thing about space is all the constellations because they form by themselves just using the stars.

I would like to learn more about the Milky Way.

“How do stars in the universe have an impact impact on us?”
I want the rest of my inquiry topic to be about: The Milky Way

Why do we need galaxies?

Why is our galaxy called the Milky Way?

Our Imovie

In the mornings, me, Matilda, Rosemary, Maia and Tracey, have been making an I movie to fill in the time.

Unconditionally from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Everything Park

This is my park. It has everything in it. I have all the measurements for everything. There are four areas for different things.

The waka

This is my recount from when we went on the waka.
It was very fun and a challenge for me. I hope you like it.

Friday, May 30, 2014

My Learning

This is my presentation about all of the subjects at school and how we feel about them.
We also had to share these at parent interviews.

Something I enjoyed was how I got to share this presentation with my parents.
Something I want to get better at is my writing.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My tooth getting pulled out.

Fortune favours the bold
The December precept from wonder.

Mum came into class and told me that she was taking me somewhere. I didn't know where, but I was excited to find out. In the car, mum was telling me where we were going and that I had to get one of my teeth pulled out. My brother had told me that it stings so much when your tooth gets pulled out, so I wasn't excited about it any more. At the dentist clinic, a lady came up to us and said “ You go into the first room on the right,” Walking in, I felt very worried.
We walked into the room and another lady came in and had a look at my tooth. I had to get it pulled out because another one was growing behind it and it really hurt. She told me to lie down and look up at the ceiling. I had to put sunglasses on because the light was beaming down on my eyes. It turned out that I had another tooth that needed to be pulled out, but I could get that pulled out another time. I held on to mums hand so hard her face scrunched up. She pulled the tooth and twisted it until it came out. OUCH! It was so sore when it came out. I was happy it was over.

My mum and I walked down the hall into the waiting room again. Mum said that I was really brave, and she would buy me something. The good that came out of it was how it came out so now I can have perfect teeth and they aren't crooked. I had to bite on a piece of cotton so it wouldn't bleed. I ended up going back to school for the rest of the day. My gum was really sore for the whole day and especially when I had something to eat                                                

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cool beans poem

Cool beans
Sitting in the sun, I am baked beans.
Teasing my brother, I am annoying beans.
Cold and dripping, I am swimming beans.
Playing with my friends, I am happy beans.
Bouncing on the tramp, I am bouncing beans.
My brother is tickling me, I am giggling beans.
Going to scare my dad, I am cheeky beans.
Jumping around being silly, I am crazy beans.
Netball on a Saturday, I am sporty beans.
Strumming the guitar, I am musical beans.
Yelling to my mum, I am noisy beans.
Fog and snow, I am cold beans.
The first colour in the rainbow, I am red beans.
My favourite colour, I am blue beans.
It will soon be night, I am sleepy beans.
Drawing something colourful, I am colourful beans.

Based on the phrase from Wonder

Star facts

I made this on padlet for homework. It has some amazing facts on stars.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend sports

I was in my bed wondering why netball had to be on today, I was going to sleep in!
“ Mum! where are my netball clothes?” I said.
“ They should be in your room” replied Mum
Oh, there they are. My room needs a really good tidy up. The morning routine happened. Get up, get changed, have breakfast and then head out the door. No time for t.v. Liam my brother had soccer in Taradale so Dad took him and mum took me.

Netball was at the sports park but when we got there, every single park was taken! Luckily, one person was just coming out so we stole their park. We walked to the netball courts and found court 3. All of my teammates were jogging up and down the court. “ Come on Kyra, jog to the end and back” It was a long jog and by the end I was exhausted. “ Ding, ding” Finally, it was time to start the game.

My team were versing Raureka Swifts. Everyone got there bib and then ran out to the position. G.B was on the front of my bib, it stands for goal shoot. The first half was the best thing for my team the Magic because we got all the goals! I was really happy, because this was only the first game we have played together. In the next half we all changed bibs and I became goal attack. During the second half we only got 2 goals and Raureka got them all. After the game, we lost by 10 points. I think we did well for our first game and we all worked together as a team.

Friday, May 09, 2014

ET search vocabulary

WALT build our vocabulary

Text: Extraterrestria  (ET) search                                                   Author: Sharon parsons

Word (and page number)
Sentence in the text
Meaning in my own words
1 Extraterrestrial  p.4
2 Potentially p.4
3 Cosmonaut  p.7
4 Metabolism p.14
5 Protoplanetary p.22
6 civilisation p.26
7 cylindrical p.29
8 terrestrials p.29
9 metallic p.31
10 velocity p.9

1. We earthlings are fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life inhabiting neighbouring planets, solar systems or galaxies.

2. Hundreds of planets that could potentially support life have been discovered in our own galaxy.

3. She was a parachutist before she trained as a cosmonaut.

 4.  Most life on earth also needs water, a range of temperatures in which it can survive, a mixture of gases it uses for its metabolism.

5. The scientific team there uses two powerful infrared optical telescopes to study fast-swirling dust and gas clouds called protoplanetary disks.

6. one way to do this is to search for signals from other planetary civilisations.

7. But he was unable to make out what, exactly, the cylindrical object was.

8. Welcome to another episode of ets, the online program. that invites earths expert-terrestrials to convince us that extraterrestrial life does exist in our solar system.

9. He described these UFO’s as metallic, saucer-shaped craft that could do manoeuvres he had never seen before.

10. Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land on the Moon and its maximum velocity was almost 40 000 kilometres an hour.

1. Something from the outside of earths atmosphere.

2. A thing that can support life.

3. Someone trained to travel into space.

4. The chemical processes with orangainism.

5. Protoplanetary is a disk that rotates around a newly formed star.

A gathering place for cultural activities.

7. something that is in the shape of a 3d circle.

8. Happens around the world.

9. A kind of colour.

10. The speed of something.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

My walk on the beach

Get changed guys, we are going for a walk,” said Dad.
“Where are we going dad?” Liam said.
It’s a suprise ” Mum replied.
My brother and I both got changed and headed out to the car. I took my book because dad said that it was a 15 minute drive. Mum and dad packed the car, slammed the boot shut, turned on the car and off we went. Taking my book was a great idea, because I was reading Famous Five and there were a lot of chapters.Finally, I felt the car jiggle and I knew we were somewhere. “ look up from that book of yours and see where we are” There were cars parked at the bottom of a hill and we were on the hill. “ Are we at Ocean beach?” I said
Aha, We are going to walk all the way to the end and back” Replied dad.

My brother liam had taken his ball to kick so all the way to the end and back we kicked it. Yes! Liam had finally said can we go home now and dad would have to say yes. Unfortunatly, he didn’t so we kept on walking. During the walk back my mum and I collected weird looking sea shells. Sand was all over the sea shells so my dad washed them but when he washed one, a tiny little crab came out of it. Dad picked it up and handed it to my brother who smashed it with his stick. Not many people were at the beach, and I guess it was because it was quite windy and cold. Up by the car we washed and dried our feet and then hopped in the car for the long trip back home.At least I had my book.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Totara hub sports

Writing Purpose: To Entertain
Type of writing: moment in time

WALT use our senses to describe

  • (see, hear, smell, feel, taste)
  • different sentence starters / some short sentences
  • action verbs (crash / crashing, scratches / scratch / scratching, smack / smacks / smacking bounce / bouncing, sprint / sprints / sprinting, dodge / dodges / dodging)
  • present tense (I am, he is, we are)

As I followed my group leader to our first station I got worried. The person taking the station started to talk to us. He was telling us how to play the game. I stood up and went to stand behind the line as he had said. He was choosing the people who would be the taggers in the middle and I put up my hand. I didn’t get chosen but that didn’t matter. The whistle blew and I ran as fast as I could. I saw someone coming to tag me so I quickly dodged them and kept going. I had made it to the end but I was worried about going back. The whistle blew again everyone started to push their way through. Everyone in the front seemed to get tagged first. I saw the line right in front of me so I ran as fast as I could. Finally, I had made it to the end. Woohoo, the whistle just blew and the game had finished. Time to go to the next activity.